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Our Brand - Our Family

CC♥Labelle is a new European nails & beauty brand launched in 2015. With offices located in Vienna, Dubai, and Montreal, CC♥Labelle focuses on building confident, ambitious and strong women.

Our fun printed packaging and inspiring motivational quotes on each product, encourages women to enhance their beauty through confidence and strength of character.

Fun, smart and sexy, CC♥Labelle plans to take the beauty industry by storm while empowering women along the way!

— Alexandra von Canisius (Founder & CEO)

A message from our Founder

Born in Austria yet having lived in London, Dubai, Moscow, Montreal, NY and Vienna, Alexandra initially started her beauty career in the Harrods beauty offices in London.  An ambitious drive and determination for success, led Alexandra to the top of the corporate retail ladder managing international luxury brands such as Cartier, Bulgari and Dior in the Middle East and Europe before starting her own retail stores, fashion collection and finally CC♥Labelle.

“I cant say life has been easy for me. In fact its been a bumpy but exciting ride. I have had a lot of luck, as well as a lot of help from above. However I am also super stubborn, demanding as hell, and have a killer sense of determination and drive to succeed.  I dont give up easily – in fact I never give up.

The main thing in my opinion is: there is never such a thing as a free ride. You have to work and push for what you want and basically never ever ever give up !

As a woman, and a mom to an eight year old girl, I feel very strongly about what kind of message our society sends out to women:  a world obsessed with superficial values, perfection, selfies & social media fame, aspirations of being super models or it-girls. Lets push our girls and future leaders to be Presidents, Entrepreneurs, IT Geniuses, Creators and Visionaries!!  Lets put glamour into that !!

It saddens me also to see the low level of self esteem women have and what goes on behind closed doors in family homes. The place which is meant to be sacred and a place of peace, can turn out to be the worst nightmare for some women and children.  What values and goals are we forgetting to teach our girls, that leads them into these situations ? How can we help and encourage our women to be the best and strongest they can be.

At CC♥Labelle, my main goal is to bring back what really matters for women:  confidence, strength of character, courage, financial independence, hard work, respect and empowering each other to be the best we can be.

Help us help our women and our girls to be strong, fearless and confident !

No more dolls…! Just Warriors!


Alexandra von Canisius

drop me a line:  alexandra@cclabelle.eu

The Products

  • Gel-Tastic Nail Polish in an array of fun and classic colors – and of course they also dry quickly and are long lasting !
  • A fabulous cleansing range for face and eyes that is soft and moisturising for skin while delivering vitamins and antioxidants straight into the pores.
  • The most wonderful smelling nail polish remover wipes – We promise you: they are heavenly scented and smelling of sweet exotic fruits.